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Let’s look at another trend for 2017 … It’s all about the brain...

Posted on 27/03/17
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It used to be all about the best cover letter or the best CV; yes, these are important, but today’s recruitment executives and employers are paying more attention to your grey matter.

We have always used psychometric testing at the request of a client and to help us evaluate a candidate’s suitability for a role. This method looks at behavioural patterns and certain brain characteristics. It’s true certain people fall into patterns; we notice a gravitation of certain types of personalities into certain roles.


The theory of left-brain and right brain behaviour also comes into play. Since the 1960’s this theory found cognitive differences between the two sides of the brain. Today the theory is still of interest to psychologists and now it is becoming more popular for recruiters and employers to help them in the quest to find the best fit for a role.

We think there are certain traits in people where we see more dominant strengths in some areas. For example, some people have stronger analytical skills; these types of people have a tendency to gravitate towards roles in accountancy and law for example.

Other candidates are more creative and lean towards roles in graphic design or marketing.

To the left

Left-brained people are often logical and sequential in thought; they can be very knowledgeable and demonstrate high-level problem-solving abilities.

There are many jobs suitable for the left-brained individual; many jobs have tasks which need left-brained thinking.

Jobs that appeal to left-brained people are often analytic and rigid, requiring a high level of processing and structure.


Lawyers represent clients in court, prepare legal documents, interpret laws and regulations and analyse cases. Often this vocation attracts people who are analytic thinkers with high attention to detail and a tolerance of stress. 

They would also benefit from an ability to tap into the right brain which allows them to express themselves in court.


Accountants analyse financial records and taxes, prepare and check a documents’ accuracy. Most people who are accountants work in offices during standard business hours. They need to pay close attention to detail, use logic and analysis to solve problems and work independently with little supervision.  

Or right?

Right-brained workers counterparts tend to be creative and intuitive, often excelling in art and demonstrating higher emotional and social intelligence. 

Right-brained people are natural leaders. Retail or corporate management is ideal for right-brained people. It involves people skills, motivation and the ability to complete goals and tasks. Managers are able to multi-task in chaotic environments and deliver results.

Learning and Development roles

We often see jobs in this field which lends to a more right brained person.  People suited to careers in L&D are creative and imaginative thinkers who can motivate employees to learn new skills and ways of managing people. 

They are able to listen to the concerns of others and give advice on how to communicate within the workplace with bosses and clients. They are compassionate people who are able to guide and advise others to motivate themselves into changing habits, thoughts and actions.

Having said all this … some people want it all … in our next blog we look at the theory of whole brain thinking; a perfect marriage of the two hemispheres

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